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Rudolf Schmidt

Do you want to close more High Ticket Clients to your Business now?

Are you a software developer who has been working as a freelancer for at least 3 years, and are impatiently driven to increase your business, close higher ticket and VIP clients, offer more premium services and elevate your career, life quality and earnings?

We have been there and we have done that!

Now we are excited to share my knowledge with you!

Rudolf Schmidt

Here’s How the Coaching Program Looks Like

Get more Premium Clients Now,
Close Premium Contracts
faster and more efficiently than ever before!

Rudolf Schmidt

Rudolf Schmidt

Software Consultant

Personal Coach

Rudolf is an entrepreneurial software consultant, founder of multiple SaaS Startups as GladBills, Mappointer, SkySkyft and many more, consulting businesses in software development around the world for over 12 years, generating 20,000.00€/month in revenue, SEO, Marketing and Sales Professional, Coach and Business Consultant.

My Services and Packages

Individual 1-to-1 Coaching and Consulting Program for Software Developers, geared to teach you cutting-edge techniques, methods and strategy that will help you close more contracts and projects from high ticket clients.

1 Month – Starter

  • - Length 1 Month (30 Days), 6 Days a week -1-to-1 calls and coaching sessions, emails etc.Goals and Results Oriented.
  • - Preparing and training you closely to close the next level quality clientele. Targeting, contacting and achieving closing a contract / commission / task / job with higher ticket clients for you.
  • - Fixed Price
  • - 50% upfront, 50% after Service Delivery
  • - Limited time Offer: Book within 48 Hours to get a 25% discount.

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3 Months – Premium

  • - Length 3 Months (90Days), 6 Days a week 1-to-1 calls and coaching sessions, emails etc. Goals and Results Oriented.
  • - Thorough analysis of your past achievements, clientele characteristics, your strong sides and skills, your perfect customer portrait and laying out a strategic plan how and where to find and close suchclients. Training the necessary skills that you miss to acquire customers who will pay you up to 25% more than your average client.
  • - Preparing and training you to achieve the next level quality clientele. Targeting, contacting and achieving closingcontract / commission / task / job with higher ticket clients for you.
  • - Fixed Price
  • - First Month A 33% Retainer
  • - Fee and the Rest after one Month
  • - Limited time Offer: Book within 48 Hours to get a 25% discount.

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6 Months – Professional

  • - Length 6 Months (180 Days), 6 Days a week 1-to-1 calls and coaching sessions, emails etc.Goals and Results Oriented.
  • - Full and deep work on all aspects of your personal professional matrix, ways and methods you employ in your work, operations , advertising, sales and conversion of your clients into returning and stable clients.
  • - Fixed Price
  • - An upfront 33% Retainer Fee and the rest after two months of the Program.
  • - Limited time Offer: Book within 48 Hours to get a 25% discount.

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What Does The Program Contain?

Self Work

Establishment of your professional desires, true goals and career ambitions in a solid andactionable way in order to calculate your chances and refine your best strategy to achieveyour dreams.

Positioning / Marketing

Full Guidance and Methodology onHow toposition yourself in a competitive market and create an irresistible offer.How to carve out your niche in an appealing and professional manner to stand out from the crowd. Which tools, means and ways to use and how to create a stable clientele that will becoming back to you and not to other cheaper or fancier competitors.

Lead Generation / Targeting Clients

Refining your perfect client portrait groups, targeting and finding them. Your detailed and winning client acquisition strategy for the best possible results and your dream goals achievement. Best and working methods to contact and appeal to them.

Sales and Closing

Step by Step professional guidance and supervision of your sales performance. Provision with exact techniques, steps and tools to close the best,most relevant and high ticket clients. Personalized and deep professional assistance and elevation of your marketing and professional strategy and practical methodology towards your next financial goals.

Ways of Work

Regular 1-to-1personalized coaching and consultation on distance through video and audio calls, emails, text messages and email.

Ample and Complete Info-Media Materials (videos, texts, books, articles, guides, audio recordings etc.) in digital form relevant to leverage your business and career.

And much, much more!

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How It Works

  1. After the discovery call interview with you I’ll build a clear follow-up plan for you.
  2. I’ll create a full description of your ideal customer types and lay out a targeting plan.
  3. You will choose and pay for the relevant package, and the service will commence.
  4. I’ll send you a service contract paper that follows to be signed by you.
  5. I’ll review and perfect the sales copy of your LinkedIn profile and your Website, update if necessary.
  6. I’ll help you do the prospecting through your business profile on social media and your website.
  7. I’ll help you make appointments with high quality potential clients on your calendar and you will receive email notifications and alerts.
  8. You will contact the Leads (your potential clients) and close deals / contracts with them.
  9. You will deliver the service to them and earn money.
  10. If any questions or difficulties occur within the contract period you can always contact me via phone/email for assistance.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

I guarantee to deliver the due Service and assure a Money Back Guarantee.*

Book A Call With Rudolf Schmidt To Get

  • A sharp and professional assessment of your current positioning and experience in your work field.
  • Analysis of the type and quality of your customers and market.
  • Detailed examination of your client acquisition ways and strategy.
  • Assessment of your career growth and income growth pace.
  • Underlining your up-to-date top skills, winning strategies and main milestones achieved.
  • Revelation of your top current problems and challenges, as well as the reasons they occur.
  • Detection and emphasizing of your personality type and career ambition magnitude.
  • Setting up a compelling and constructive professional focus for the upcoming months.
  • Establishment of your longer term goals for the next months and years.
  • Refinement of the top priorities and actions to be taken relevant to your real situation.
  • Carving out a personal follow-up plan that would elevate you on to a new career level.

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Why Book Rudolf Schmidt?

Unique Value And The Benefits You Get:

  • Coach and consultant reputation and earnings as a full stack high ticket software engineer (€10.000 per month. Fully independent, ample international work experience).
  • Testimonials from colleagues, endorsements by established people (gurus, celebrities) and clients.
  • Compelling personality and charisma (X factor) that appeals and conveys trust.
  • Integrity and knowledge, pedagogical talent and aptitudes.
  • Professional, personalized, full hands-onand thorough service delivery.
  • Custom-tailored and individualized strategy creation.
  • Detailed, cutting-edgeand relevant potential customer prospecting.
  • Laser attention to detail and precision.
  • Efficient and fast delivery of results.
  • Rich work experience (over 12 Years) as high ticket freelancering software engineer, investor and entrepreneur.
  • Full versatility and flexibility of service that matches your personal needs.
  • Full commitment and focus on your business strategy.
  • Enjoy Increased Sales as a result of my 1-to-1 Program with you.
  • You will obtain and retain high ticket premium clients that you have always been aiming for.
  • Easy and straight-forward process from the intro call, payment and service delivery up until the end of the Program.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No corporate complexity or bureaucracy.
  • Full transparency of every aspect of the service. Elevate your business and yourself onto a brand new level.
  • Fill out your gaps, enhance your business confidence, open up new horizons and opportunities.
  • Adopta new mindset, new positioning, new style and a smarter way of workingthat is appreciated and better paid.
  • Target clients that you have never thought you may be working with and achieve collaborations with them.
  • As a result enjoy a better life, higher income, higher self-assessment, dignity, professionalism, higher classquality of your work, new customers and circles of people you will be in.

Why This Program?

  • Custom tailored to the specific needs of frontend, backend and full stack software developers.
  • Very personalized approach and delivery.
  • Newest, modern and most effective tools, methods and marketing and closing techniques.
  • Full and thorough (complete) coaching not omitting any important parts that build a strong and very competitive freelance professional.
  • Psychology, style, business, presentation, communication, discipline, job specific, strategy planning and implementation lessons.
  • A condensed and practical course of education perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • Shows and teaches you how to earn money individually saving you a lot of time and much more money that would have been otherwise spent on university or other types of public education.
  • Golden knowledge condensed in an actionable Program, compiled from various business schools, established and renowned coaching gurus, courses, books, programs, seminars done and visited in the last 10 years.
  • Trade insider secrets that will help you bypass competition and win premiumclients.

Why Book Now?

  • Competition is growing, getting more savvy and sophisticatedto stand up to.
  • Each day you are not closing the clients you want, you are losing your growth momentum when they buy from your competitors.
  • Best investment that will pay you many times over is 1-to-1 expert coach education program.
  • Postponing for tomorrow or another week or month will postpone your growth most likely forever.
  • It is much more than worth it, and I am excited to show that to you.
  • There is no other or better time to start NOW.
  • In the current world of increased chaos and multitude of options and services, professionals as yourself should arm themselves with latest and best tools and proven knowledge.
  • Take this important step forward and BOOK NOW.

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Who is My Service Perfect For?

You are freelancing software engineer who has been working independently at least 3 years (full time), earning at least €3000 per month (in case you earn €10.000 or more per month, my service will be adjusted to your needs).

With Diamond Close you will close new software development projects without waiting for recruiters to contact you or referrals.


"Rudolf is a true genius when it comes to lead generation for software developers. He is very knowledgeable about marketing and sales. He constantly works on improving himself to increase his expertise even further. I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you are a software developer, you absolutely must have Rudolf on your team. He will help you achieve heights you never thought possible."

Richard Kim

Tech Consultant

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